Saturday, March 9, 2013

Saturday Frolics...

Today Ed, mum, dad and I went to Shrewsbury for a little look around. We went to our favourite cafe in the market called The Bird's Nest, it is a gorgeous little shabby chic cafe with a good selection of tea which is rather refreshing. 

This was Ed's fabulous soya latte and may I add you don't need to pay extra 30p for soya milk unlike some of the big corporate coffee houses!

They have Suki Tea! I totally *heart* Apple Loves Mint... YUM.

We also did a spot of vintage window shopping; so many pretty things, so little time.

I totally fell in love with this dress, but unfortunately it was a little too small in the bust for me. So it had to go back on the rail, for some other lucky girl to take it home.

Hope you have had a rather spiffing Saturday and have something stimulating planned for tomorrow! We are off to the garden centre's I think...


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