Monday, March 25, 2013

Washing Away a Grey, Chilly Monday.

It has been a cold, icy, grey Monday. Ed and I had to do grown up things like house work and drying the washing, then we had awful service at a local cafe whilst we were waiting for the washing to dry. So when I got in and had made the tea I decided that a pink bubble bath was necessary to put some colour back into the start of the week. Lucky enough I had a couple of bubble bars hiding in the bathroom, Ed bought me these from Lush a while ago and I had squirrelled them away for when I needed them most. 

The top bubble bar is Creamy Candy and the one below is is called The Comforter. I just couldn't decide which to use for my bubble bath, so I broke them both in half and mixed them up.  

What a wicked, decadent way to revive a week that had lethargically smothered the weekend. I am soaked, scrubbed and ready to race towards the bank holiday weekend! 

Hope your Monday has been pink and bubbly too.


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