Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring and the Local Library.

Yesterday was the first day of Spring, finally we can throw the shackles of winter off, whilst keeping the knitwear firmly wrapped around us. It is still really chilly especially in the evenings, but the blossom is bursting out of the tips of the trees and the birds are twittering much more than they have been. And with spring comes the opening of our rather lovely, local refurbished library.

The library has a fantastic range of books, especially craft books. Ed even disappeared and came back with an armful of local history books. So we were both happy with our evenings haul, I must admit I am a bit worried that you can have 24 items on your card at any one time! I will have to be strict with myself I think. It was a lovely evening walking back home from the library but it was nice to get back to warm and cosy home. 

How has spring started for you? Hope you have some wicked plans for the looming weekend.


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