Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tuesday Teacup - Floral Holiday

I came up with this simple tea blend whilst sitting typing away at my computer one grey, rainy day last week. I found my Damask Rose Tea Buds tucked away in the kitchen cupboard and when I popped the cork of the container my nose was filled with thoughts of Turkish Delight. I decided to add these buds to some Choi Jasmine Pearls, once the two started to infuse together it smelt amazing. The mix of rose and jasmine is super decadent and delicious. 

If you would like to make a little cup of Floral Holiday for yourself then put 7-8 Jasmine Pearls in a cup (if you can't find Choi Jasmine Pearls then look for Dragon Pearl tea it tastes pretty much the same). Boil some water and leave it to cool a little, if you pour boiling water onto green tea it will spoil the taste and destroy a lot of the wonderful antioxidants. Pour the water into the cup over the pearls, I don't bother straining the this tea because it is top quality so there aren't loads of bits that float around the cup. I then drop 3 Damask Rose Buds into the concoction and leave them to float, infuse and make me feel wonderful.  

The Jasmine Pearls are at the high end of my tea hoard, being £15.99 per 100g. They are a little pricey because this tea is made from the young shoots of the green tea plant which are then hand rolled with jasmine flowers! This tea is amazing and worth every penny, its worth keeping in mind that 7-8 pearls per cup will make 3-5 cups of green tea because the quality is so high; so once you look at it like that it doesn't work out that expensive per cup. If you want a cup of tea that makes you feel like an exotic princess this is it! When I drink this tea I close my eyes and just pretend I am sitting on a beach in Thailand soaking up the sun, then I open my eyes and get back to work with the rain pattering on the window. 

If you are local to Nottingham then you lucky things can pop by the Delilah Delicatessen and purchase all the tea featured in this blog and maybe have a spot of yummy lunch while you're there. 

Hope your week is off to an inspiring start <3


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