Saturday, March 23, 2013

Snowy Saturday at Belton House.

It has been snowing all day and most of last night, Ed and I decided not to risk taking Doris for her MOT retest because the roads weren't great and we didn't want loads of salty road crud getting underneath her, as she needs some rust treatment down below anyway. So we rescheduled her in for next week. 

So after we had gluten free crumpets and scrambled egg for breakfast we decided to venture out and have a snow adventure. I whipped out our National Trust memberships and we went to Belton House. It is possible that this is the most beautiful National Trust place that Ed and I have visited so far and the snow made it even more sparkly.  

What a perfect day we had, full of adventure and we even had a hot soup picnic in the car before we set out home. I can't wait to visit this place in the summer when the gardens are all beautiful and groomed. Now we are tucked up under a rug on the sofa watching Eat Pray Love and I am trying to contain my wanderlust.

Hope you are having a great weekend <3


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