Thursday, March 14, 2013

House Plants to Hurry Spring Along.

It feels like winter has returned this past week! We have had snow, ice and cold, blustery wind. This time of year I love to have beautiful flowers and plants in the house to remind me that it won't be long until I can get busy at the allotment and go adventuring in the countryside. 

The Auricular is my all time favourite plant. When I was little my mum and I use to walk down the country lanes to this lovely ladies house, she lived in a little cottage that smelled of lavender and always had a log fire crackling away. Before we went home she would always give me something, whether it was 50p or some dolls clothes she had made. This one time she gave me a beautiful auricular that was a dusky blue I think. That little plant survived for years in the garden. So when I saw this pretty plant in the market for £1 I just couldn't resist. It has been in constant bloom for over 2 weeks and has brightened my day every time I have seen it. I think I will plant it in the allotment when it has finished flowering  alongside Frasier the Christmas tree.  

Lovely Edward usually buys me flowers then the old ones have gone over, I usually put the dead flowers in the wormery or on the compost heap at the allotment so they don't go to waste. I think Ed buys me this colour occasionally because his favourite colour is orange. My favourite cut flowers are probably either roses or big lilies as they are pretty and they make the house smell sweet.

I bought this plant from the Gardener's World show a couple of years ago, it was very pretty and the older plants were as big and flat as saucers. I think I bought the freak! The mummy plant has grown down on the weird stalk and has now grown babies around the base. I think it is kinda odd but pretty, especially now the baby plants are growing on it. I want to research to figure out when I can split the young plants off the mummy.

Hope you have had a productive Thursday and have some exciting plans looming for the weekend.


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