Friday, April 12, 2013

Kitchen Glamour - 3 Ways to Combat Puffy Eyes!

My eyes are super sensitive, they get puffy if any random allergies flare up, I have used make up wipes, there is a lot of dust around, basically they are the equivalent of a High Society Victorian lady who has forgotten her smelling salts. I have found that if I can take care of them as soon as the they start to inflate I have a better chance of restoring face status quo.

I have tried quite a few different things ranging from natural remedies to over the counter creams. But these are my favourite three 'go to' remedies. 

Cucumber is lovely and you will probably have it lingering in your fridge. Cucumber is 90% water and if you chop two slices of cucumber straight out of the fridge they are wonderfully cooling and hydrating for your eyes. 

Tea bags are an age old remedy for eyes that are in desperate need of R&R. The tannin in the tea bag gently reduces swelling and discolouration whilst the caffeine will help get your eyes back to their sparkly selves. Regular black tea is the best to use, keep some tea bags after you have made yourself a cuppa, let them cool (or put them in some cold water for a few minutes) give them a gentle squeeze and lay them on your eyes. You can put them in the fridge before you use them so they are nice and cool if you have the time. Lay them on your eyes for about 20 minutes and relax, I usually do this before bed so I can really chill out. After 20 minutes take the tea bags off and rinse your face with some cold water or you will look like a tea stained panda! 

The third trick I have up my sleeve is aloe vera, I usually use this if my eyes are feeling itchy and grainy. I chop off a little bit and squeeze the goo out and massage around my eyes. You can put the rest of the aloe in the fridge to use again if your eyes persist in being pests. You can pick up an aloe vera plant from about £5 and they are so useful, I keep one in the kitchen because they are brilliant to use on burns.

I have found that none of these are miracle cures that work right away, I will use a combination of these methods 2-3 times a day to get the best effect. Hope these tips will help your tired, puffy, peepers <3


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  1. Ohh, never heard of the aloe vera. I'll have to try that!