Sunday, April 7, 2013

Style *hearts* Sunday - Tweedy Owls.

It was the first sunny day of spring today *yey*, Ed and I had adventures planned so I threw together this outfit quick, to go and fill the day with frolics. It is getting soooo close to us being able to go camping in Doris, we just need to get a few more bits of equipment and she will be ready to rock. 

Dress - The Rainbows End.
Jacket - Vintage Vixen Newark.
Boots - Dr Martens Grace Boot.

I love this dress so much, the print is funky and because it is a light knit it bridges that 'it's too chilly for a dress gap'. The cowl neck on this dress is minimal but I think it is sympathetic with the simple tailoring of the dress. This tweed jacket is going to be one of my spring staples, it is so cute and the shoulder pads make me feel like a late 80s business woman. The boots were a Christmas present from Ed and I totally adore them, I like to wear these with dresses because I think the shiny, patent leather and ribbon softens the 'kick ass boot' look. 

Hope you have had a great weekend <3

Kirst x    
P.S Do you see Doris' boyfriend just over the fence in the last picture?


  1. Kirsty, I am so glad you found my blog because now I've found yours and it's AWESOME. I love that dress. <3 Owls on clothing (or even clothing on owls, hah) is an obsession of mine. Honestly, I love bird prints all around. I'd love a Magpie blouse, but I've never seen one, hmmmm.

    Doris is SO PRETTY. I bet y'all are so so excited. :D

    Oh and back onto style for another moment, those boots. <3

    Anyway, thank you again for visiting me! I'm so glad I've found your little home on the web! ^_^

    1. Ahhh your sweet comment made my day :D

      A magpie blouse would be amazing! I don't think I have even seen magpies on fabric before... hmmm... (after doing a google search there are some cute ones). My fave birds are probably ravens but that is probably the teenage goth in me hehe.

      I'm following you on blogloving now so can easily keep up to date with your adventures <3