Monday, April 8, 2013

Doris' Get Ready for Camping List.

Ed and I are hoping to be able to take Doris (our T25 VW campervan) out for our first camping trip together very soon. I am so excited, I just can't wait to go to the seaside in her  read books, have adventures and relax. As I love lists so much I decided to scribble one up to get Ed and I focussed on some of the things we will have to aquire before the first camping trip. We really don't need that much as we have been collecting treasure for her even before we bought her.

So far we have a collection of vintage and new melamine plates and cups. I refused to drink any hot liquid out of the old melamine because I was scared of weird chemicals zapping into my drink (I'm not sure this fear is founded on real fact or not). So I bought Ed the tin VW mug ages ago and Ed bought me my tin camping mug today! It was in the sale at Paperchase and I thought it was super cute. I bought three cushion covers from a charity shop absolutely ages ago and I just never found a proper use for them so I have decided I am going to throw them in the wash and get them customised so they can live in Doris. Its one of my beliefs that you can never have too many cushions (Ed doesn't like them too much though hehe). 

Have you got any trips you are itching to start?


  1. Ohhhh! Kirsty!!! You're making me want a VW van. I love the idea of sitting in one, all warm and snuggly, while reading, etc. and then hopping outside for a camp fire cookout. /squeeee

    Jen and I are definitely gypsy souls. We love the idea of traveling (anywhere and everywhere) and while we want to tent camp, I think this form of camping would be awesome as well. :D

    1. Ed and I borrowed a friend's tent a couple of years ago, the first time we went out in it is was lovely. The weather was great and it was a perfect weekend. Then we went out in it a second time and it was soooo windy! The tent poles we arching the wrong way it was that bad, everytime I kind of got to sleep I woke up terrified the tent would blow away lol. So that ended our camping lust. So after a few years saving we bought Doris, I think she will just give that extra bit of cosiness to a camping trip :D Can't wait to make her interior super cute and snug.