Thursday, April 4, 2013

Meet Frank & Jeff...

I would like you to meet Frank and Jeff! We have been the proud owners of these pretty pigs for just under 2 months and we love them soooooo much. I had a guinea pig when I was little but they are not happy memories, he was pretty vicious and not a nice creature at all. But when my friend said that he had some baby pigs I couldn't resist going to see them. When Ed and I first met Frank and Jeff they were 3-4 weeks old and they were smaller than my hand and super adorable. When they reached 6 weeks they were old enough to come live with us. They are such characters, every time they hear rustling in the fridge or hear any movement in the kitchen then stand and squeak at us until they get some sort of veggie or fruit treat. They are so funny and most evenings we end up watching them more than the TV (Ed and I lead exciting lives right). 

So I guess I should explain the names, well I chose Frank because I think he looks like a tiny buffalo, that reminded me of buffalo wings and the famous 'Franks' sauce. Our nickname for Frank is Baby Edward, because it is a running joke that Frank looks like Ed, if he was a Guinea Pig, mainly because his fur is ginger and brown and he has curly whiskers. Jeff was chosen for the simple reason that I am a massive fan of Jeff Bridges. My old hamster was called Rooster after Jeff's role in True Grit. Ed really liked these names because he finds it really funny when animals have human names, like a cat called Steve or a rabbit called Derek. 

Hope you enjoyed meeting Frank and Jeff, how do your pets make you giggle?