Friday, April 19, 2013

Kitchen Glamour - Citrus Tea Bath Soak.

To celebrate it being Friday again I thought I would share how to make a natural, vegan bath soak that will leave you feeling refreshed and rather delectable. This recipe is really easy and once you have the idea you can play around with what you put in your bath soak. Bicarbonate of soda is one of the important ingredients, is what's known as 'Baking Soda' in the USA (it took me a while to decipher what the UK equivalent was.) You can find Bicarbonate of soda in the home baking section of most supermarkets. Bi carb softens the water, I have put 6tablespoons in and it seemed to do a nice job but you will have to experiment because the water hardness in your area is probably different to mine. Start with 6 tablespoons and adjust as you feel fit. 

I have used loose leaf tea because that is what I have in the kitchen, but this is the perfect recipe to use up those herbal teabags you may have lurking in your cupboard. You need about 10 teabags for a herbal bath, what better way to use up those old health kick remnants? You could also use teabags you have used over the past couple of days as well.  I have used green tea because it is full of antioxidants and will give your skin a subtle glow. Camomile because the fragrance is relaxing and it is gentle and soothing to the skin. It is very rare but some people are allergic to camomile so if you are one of these people do not put it in your bath.

Citrus fruits are as yummy for your skin as they are for your insides. Citrus is packed full of antioxidants, vitamin C and vitamin E. Using citrus fruits on your skin can freshen, moisturise and rejuvenate. This is mainly because of the alpha hydroxyl which is a natural exfoliator, this means that citrus will cleanse, unblock pores and it will help you to get rid of  those pesky old dead skin cells.   

So once you have all your dry ingredients together, chop the citrus fruits up. This can be as neat or as rough as you like. Next go and get an old pair of clean tights (I usually have loads of these lingering in my underwear draw because I just can't throw some of them away). Now you can either use the foot end or if there is a hole there, just chop a good length out of the leg and tie a knot in one end. You will need to put everything, apart from the Bicarbonate of soda, into the tights. I put the section of tights over a pint glass because it helps me fill the tights up with the rest of the goodies, it also will catch any of the juice because you don't want to waste that! When it is full of all of the ingredients tie a knot in the top. Put the bath sausage under the running water of your bath and pour  the Bicarbonate of soda on top, the water will turn a rather impressive orangey green. I used a pink grapefruit so the colour may be less dramatic if you use a regular one. Now all that is left to do is to pretend you are in a cup of herbal tea and glow about how very gorgeous you are. You can also keep the section of tights and wash it to use it again for another soak, good huh?

Hope you have some lovely baths <3


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