Sunday, April 14, 2013

Allotment Treasure Hunt.

I managed to score some free pallets and lengths of wood to make some potting tables in my greenhouse earlier this week. So today was the day to knock it all into shape. Ed took apart most of the pallet (which I used for the legs) but then he had to do emergency repairs on the greenhouse because it was so windy the polycarbonate sheets were just flying out. He frantically cut some lengths of cane to wedge in the frame, which seemed to work pretty well. I took the rest of the pallet apart and got creating. I had to saw a couple of inches off the longer pieces of wood so the bench was at a nice working height. I was really pleased with the end result, I am finally nearly ready for the growing season! 

We have a bit of land at the back of our allotment which is very overgrown and there is a lot of rubbish that has been thrown there by previous tenants. We are slowly working to clear this area, it will be lovely when it is cleared but it will take a while. These are some of the things that we found today. The toilet is probably my favourite find, the colour is amazing, proper retro. We are pretty sure there is a matching bath in the chaos, but we are nowhere near pulling it out yet!  

Hope you have had a great weekend, even though I bet you haven't found any toilets!


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  1. So fun!!! The toilet is an extremely interesting find, hehe. I love that flowery plaque too!