Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tuesday Teacup - Green Mint.

One day last month I was feeling a bit sad, I'd had a bit of a rubbish day and so Ed surprised me and bought me a month's subscription to Tea Horse. He knows me too well because there are few things in the whole world that would make me more happy than great quality tea being popped through my letterbox. I love Tea Horse, especially the simple icons that accompany each tea, that aid you on your way to brewing an awesome cuppa. 

The Green Mint blend is a mixture of gunpowder green tea and mint. When I opened the little pouch it was housed in, I was hit by the most amazing minty smell. Whatever dried mint tea you have smelt in the past this will smell a million times more delicious. I infused this blend with the Tea Horse filter bags (which are like empty tea bags with one end open) and I was really impressed with them, they were a great alternative for when I am feeling too lazy to use my teapot. I followed the instructions and brewed the tea in water that was 80 degrees for 3 minutes. 

Now this tea is special! I have drunk a lot of green tea and mint tea but this fusion is fragrant, light and refreshing. The green tea is just there supporting the mint flavour whilst not being dominated by it. The mint is so fresh and almost sweet, it didn't have any of that bitterness that some mint teas threaten as an aftertaste. It is also perfect to drink after a sizeable meal and it can even quell indigestion, what more could you ever need from this refined little tea blend? Absolutely beautiful!

What teas have you been drinking lately?


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