Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mr & Mrs Bikes.

Ed and I love our bikes! We have been biking to work the past week and it has been wonderful, I find it a nice way to wake up which has really surprised me as I don't really like exercise that much. I won my bike on eBay last year, it was about £40 and I was over the moon when I found out that it was mine. Ed gave my bike a really good going over and bought some spiffing white rimmed tyres for it. Ed's bike is really special to us because it belonged to my Grandad. He passed away a couple of years before I was born and since then his bike has been kept safe in a garage waiting to be ridden once more!

Ed had been looking everywhere for a cool, vintage bike that wasn't horrendously expensive. When mum found out she rung up and asked Ed if he would like it because she knew he would take care of it and get it back in good working order. So Ed became the owner of this beautiful Triumph, he has fixed it up, bought white tyres for it and he even cleaned the bell and got it ringing again. 

Ed and I love the fact that these bikes were both made in Nottingham. My Grandad's Triumph must have then been taken to sell in Shropshire. The sticker is still on it from the shop he bought it from in picture 3. Mum thinks that the shop was called Hannetts which I think fits with what is left of the sticker. And now it has returned to Nottingham to have lots of frolics with my sparkly blue Raleigh. 

We heart our bikes sooooo much <3 I hope you like them too.



  1. And now I need to go and get a pair of bikes!!

    Thanks for linking up with the Bloglovin Collective!

  2. These look awesome! I want couple bikes too. :D