Thursday, April 11, 2013

Whispers from Vintage Postcards.

I am pretty sure that this is my new addiction, vintage postcards that have been written on. The other week when I was foraging around an antiques market I found this little cardboard box full of postcards, most were blank but I managed to find a few that had been written on! I think these are so special, especially these days when 'proper' mail is dwindling because of email and the such. These precious little memories are just wonderful, I'm so glad I saved them from that grotty cardboard box.

I have a few more of these that I will share with you over the next few weeks, I just want to find more now! I think Ed is pleased about this new addiction because it is much easier to store than china and picnic hampers.

Don't they just make you feel deliciously nosey?



  1. So cool!!! I had so much fun when Jen and I sent our first postcard to family during a seasonal job. :D They rock! I'd love to see more of them out and about in modern times.

    1. You would probably really like a book called Postsecret, this guy basically got loads of people to send in their secrets on postcards. It is an amazing book! There are quite a few on the website as well...

  2. I've been perusing your blog and enjoying!! Love the postcards, too. Would you like to add your posts to What to do Weekends Party? That would be nice. Following on Blogloving. Linda