Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Treasure that came in the Post.

I've had some rather lovely packages in the post the last two days. Yesterday my first package came with my Embroidered Effects book, I am a bit of a craft-holic and I never feel satisfied with the amount of crafts that I know/ have had a go at. I've recently been doing some cross stitch which I have really loved but I sometimes feel that it is a little regimented. So I thought that maybe it would be fun to have a go at embroidery as it seems a lot freer. There is an amazing project in this book where you stitch over a photo you have transferred to fabric, I have been inspired to have a play with this idea with some of photos from our wedding. 

The second package of treasure came today, it was a whole bunch of photos my mum had snapped at our wedding. It made a really nice change to have the pictures actually printed, I'm so used to having pictures digitally I had kind have forgotten how sentimental hard copies could be. I think I might make a photo album to put them in so our wedding memories are safe forever. 

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