Monday, August 20, 2012

My Chillies are Ripening!

My chillies are ripening and I am so thrilled (a little sad I know). I think it is really exciting to see these little fruit turn from purple to orange to... nearly red! 

I can't wait until the first one is ready to pick so I can see how hot it is.

This is my super hot chilli plant, they are suppose to be hotter than the bird's eye chilli, I think they are suppose to turn red before you can eat them though. The lady I bought them off said you can eat them whenever you want, but before they are ripe they taste like green pepper *eugh* the worst sort of pepper in my opinion. 

I hope the warm weather, we have been enjoying, means I have a few of these to try soon! Its also funny to tempt Ed with them because he is a total wuss with chilli heat hehe. 

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