Monday, August 6, 2012

Last Weekends Charity Shop Haul.

I was really excited to find all these little beauties in one charity shop at the weekend! I acquired 4 matching pheasant glasses, a well worn Jubilee side plate and a little bowl perfect for nibbles.

I was so lucky to have found these little treasures and only paid the very reasonable price of... £2.80 for it all!

I spotted these glasses immediately, they are just so rurally kitsch, reminds me of being back in Shropshire. 

I did stand their mulling over this plate for quite a while. It was a lot more battered than I usually like, but for some reason I think the wear and tear made it even more irresistible. 

I really love how all the gilding on it is a little bit shabby. I love to imagine all the use it has had over the years. 

This is the perfect size for nibbles when we have guests over, I'm excited to look out for more like this.

I think the colour and pattern on this, whilst being a little subdued, is really eye catching.

I was super happy with this charity shop haul, I must have had the junk fairies on my side that day.

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