Sunday, August 12, 2012

Eds Bike Ride

Let me introduce you to my vintage Triumph Roadster. It's an old bike. I couldn't tell you how old, because I just don't know. What I do know is it was handed down to me by Kirsty's mum, as it once belonged to her dad. It needed some tinkering to get it on the road. New tyres, an overhaul of the brakes and a fair amount of polish. It is now my second and above all most laid back means of transport.

Sometimes I just like to jump on and see where it takes me. With no gears and 50 something year old "rod brakes" hills are not this bikes natural environment. But there are a few places in Nottingham where I can cruise and really enjoy a slow pace. 

A little piece of English Victorian technology. Like my bike, it still does it's job. 

My cruse took me over the river Trent a couple of times. This is the view from the Wilford Suspension Bridge, a nice spot to get away from the city traffic. 

And this is my view from the saddle.

Geese a me don't mix.... This gang were ruling the Nottingham Embankment. I ended up riding around them because they wouldn't move!

Next to Trent Bridge I came across these engravings. I guessed they were showing the heights the river has risen to in the past. With all the rain we've had recently I'm glad they didn't need a new marker for 2012. It's crazy to think the river has been all the way up here though. 

The cycle path lead me onto the Nottingham Beeston canal. Kirsty and I often walk along the canal path, watching out for passing cyclists. Today however was my turn to cruse down the canal side.

The urban historian in me enjoys taking in sights like this. There is something about seeing old industrial buildings mixed into the landscape that gets my mind working. I guess a lot of the buildings in this area would have been used to make lace, something Nottingham was once famous for. 

Nearly all of the industrial buildings have a new life these days. This is the home of the Glee Club and a few other venues. 

I decided to turn off of the canal path as the sun was setting (and my bike has not got any lights, yet) but before heading back home I passed Nottingham Castle. The castle itself is perched on top of a huge cliff face. This is one of the cave entrances at the base of the cliff. 

After taking in the sites of the castle I peddled home. I'll be jumping on my bike to explore some more of Nottingham soon.  

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