Sunday, August 26, 2012

Our Adventure to The Major Oak.

"We have now arrived at that portion of history where we must tread magical ground, where beings like fairies danced, where deer sported in groups unnumbered, and in limit almost unbounded; where Robin Hood and his gay followers, performed their many and renowned exploits" Robert Thorton in his History of Nottinghamshire.

The Major Oak is often thought of as the iconic meeting place that Robin Hood used to meet with his followers. It is named after Major Hayman Rooke of Woodhouse Place after he first described it in a book in 1799.

What is left of this wood is really beautiful, I'm sure if fairies live anywhere it has to be here!

The Major Oak has a girth of 32ft 10inches! This means that this wonderful tree is thought to be around 600 years old.  

And finally here it is... I must admit I am always a little bit disappointed at how this tree is all trussed up with scaffolding. It just feels so unnatural and this is about as close as you can get to it because of all the fencing. 

This part of Sherwood Forest is very, very touristy! You have to stick to the designated paths too which can feel a little restricting at times. 

This log is just amazing! It looks like someone sculpted what they thought the texture of a log should look like then just plonked it down.

After the hectic couple of weeks it was lovely to relax in the forest away from it all. We finished off our adventure with a delicious sunday roast at a near-by pub. What a perfect day <3

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