Sunday, August 19, 2012

Frolicking at Ramsey 1940s Weekend.

We went to the Ramsey 1940s Weekend yesterday. This is an annual event in Ramsey that time travels you back to the 40s with a whimsical mix of fashion shows, light hearted dance classes, air shows and vintage stalls galore, to just name a few. There are also lots of exhibitors of vintage cars. This is probably Ed's favourite part of the event. 

It may become obvious throughout these pictures that I am a little bit in love with Morris Minors. This little beauty is also in my favourite Morris Minor colour. 

I even love the ones that are a little rusty, I hope to get a little doer-upper one day *swoon*.

This tiny little car did make me giggle, there is no way I could fit all my luggage for a weekend away in that!

Even the boxes of this era are adorable.

I was happy to take this dress on a little day trip as it is one that was made in the 40s. I was given it for my birthday by Ed and my parents. I wonder if it felt at home amongst all these little trinkets?

So many wonderfully kitsch, tempting things. I limited myself to a nut bowl with Winston Churchill's face in the bottom of it.  

Hubby and me chilling in the shade as it was such a hot day (hence ed getting his chest out) hehe.

This was the fashion show, so many cute outfits! I think this look is awesome, I'm not sure I could pull it off around the office though.

The fashion show and evening dance were held in an old circus tent.

This is one of Ed's shots, I think he said it was a temperature gauge or something, he got very excited about this so I just nodded and pretended I understood. He probably does this to me when I look at china and trinkets. 

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