Saturday, August 4, 2012

Honeymoon in Edinburgh.

Ed and I decided to honeymoon in Edinburgh, Scotland. We wanted to visit somewhere that neither of us had been before, so we could adventure and discover somewhere together. I am so happy that we chose Edinburgh because it really is an amazing place, full of atmosphere and history. 

These were all snaps that I took when we were on an open top bus tour of Edinburgh, it took us all around the old town and the new town. 

We love going on ghost tours, we try to hunt one out in the larger places that we go to. So we decided to go on this one which is run by Auld Reekie Tours. Oh my, I have never been so terrified in all my life! This was by far the scariest, spookiest tour that I have ever been on. It takes you are a few places in Old town and then the tour guides leads you into the vaults. They were originally built for storage space for tradesmen but it was so damp down there that it spoilt most of the stock. The tradesmen moved their stock out and this was when a lot of the homeless moved in, then the criminals proceeded so there are a lot of bad things that have gone on down there. If you are ever in Edinburgh and you want to be chilled to the bone I would definitely go on this tour!

Ed headed back to the hotel to have an afternoon nap so I decided to go and visit the Blackfriars graveyard because I wanted to try and find the monument to Greyfriars Bobby. This is a really beautiful graveyard (or Kirkyard), burials have been taken place here since the late 16th Century. 

Edinburgh has a rather gruesome history of bodysnatching (as made infamous by Burke and Hare). This iron mortsafe was placed over the grave to prevent grave robbers digging up the body to sell to the autonomy classes in the medical school. 

This was a rather morbidly beautiful carving of a Memento Mori. It refers to a genre of artwork that was created to remind people of their mortality.

AND FINALLY... I found him! The monument to Greyfriars Bobby. It took me quite a while as the map in the graveyard was a little confusing. Greyfriars Bobby was a Skye Terrier who guarded his master's grave for 14 years, until he died himself. I think it is such a touching story and this monument to him is really lovely. 

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