Thursday, May 16, 2013

50 shades of Teal - Well 5 to be More Exact.

Ed and I have been living in our apartment for over a year now and we are finally getting around to decorating. When we first moved in we decided that we wanted to live in the space for a while to get a good feel of how we wanted it to look. So now the weather is getting a little better we decided to start trying out some colours. We are going to start with the living room, we want to have one feature wall and the rest will just have a fresh lick of white paint. I wanted to have wallpaper on the feature wall, but I quickly realised that I have VERY expensive taste in wallpaper! The cheapest rolls that I had my eye on were £50, this could prove really expensive because we live in a Victorian house that has been converted into apartments, so we have gorgeous high ceilings. Which means a roll of wallpaper will not go very far in our place. That is when we decided that paint would be cheaper. Teal is probably my favourite colour, so Ed and I decided that would be a good colour to start with. 

What I have noticed is how far out the colours on the paint websites and on the paint pots are to the colour of the paint in the pot! I loved Teal Tension on the Dulux website and on the paint pot but when Ed slapped it on the wall it looked more like a dull navy, the Proud Peacock was disappointing as well, it was too greeny grey. We mixed the two colours together to see if it was any better and it was a little, but when it dried it just wasn't THE colour. We got two more testers today, 1997 Aqua is quite a nice colour but it is just a little bit too drab and then there was Palm Springs. I love this colour it is bright, vibrant and it does have a hint of teal. Palm Springs also looks great in all the different light conditions that we have in the front room. I can't wait to have a whole wall of this lovely, cheerful colour. We also chose a white paint called Blossom White. It has a slight touch of pink, I think it will make the front room look warmer and a bit brighter. I can't wait to start decorating! 

Hope you have had a wonderful week so far <3
Much Love.


  1. I love that teal tension! So deep and gorgeous!!!

  2. Oooo, y'all chose my favorite!!! The Palm Springs color is GORGEOUS!