Saturday, May 4, 2013

Free Range Blogging & Hunstanton Sea Life Centre.

Just a quick post today as I am on a slightly dodgy wifi connection in a field! We are having a wicked time camping away with Doris in Burnham Deepdale on the North Norfolk coast. The weather has been beautifully sunny, if not a little chilly at times. Ed and I went to the Sea Life Centre in Hunstanton today and it was sooo much fun, it is one of my favourite places to go. I have more piccies from today but this little taster is all I could manage to upload. They have a Clownfish Kingdom there now which is pretty awesome, but they seem to have got rid of the horseshoe and spider crabs which made me a bit sad because I loved them. The horseshoe crab loved to lie on its back and the staff had to put a notice up to say it was okay because a lot of people had been concerned by its horizontal flailings! 

Mr Turtle was probably my favourite creature in the whole sea life centre, he was so majestic and huge. Just look at his cute face! Hope you are having a fun filled bank holiday weekend <3

Much love


  1. Eeee, I love aquatic life. ^_^ Our betta fish is such an attention hog, and if I move the camera towards him, he'll swim up and stare at me, or go relax on his hammock, etc. So cute! I love your pictures so much! I hope y'all continue having a fabulous time. :D

    1. Ahhh I love betta fish! How big is your aquarium?

  2. Nice. I love nature, don't you? Your friend, Linda