Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Journeying up Mount Doom in Doris.

There is nothing I love better on a rainy evening than looking at all the random photos that I took on our last camping trip. I forgot I had taken all these until Ed reminded me yesterday. He was a little bit disappointed that I didn't take any pictures of our 20% gradient hill accent! He then just teased me that I was too scared to think about anything else whilst we were doing it. I must admit when the hill loomed in the window I did hold my breath slightly. It was steep and we had never done anything like that before, so all that was left to do was Ed to put her in second gear and then we prayed whilst she slowly journeyed to the top! Frodo climbing up Mount Doom had nothing on us.  

Every journey is super fun in Doris, especially now I have got used to all the mechanical noises she makes, the first long trip I got Ed to explain what all the noises were because some of them were a bit scary. And when we get to our destination it feels so awesome.

We are already planning our next trip, just can't wait!!
Much Love.

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