Monday, May 13, 2013

Our Future Food is Growing!

So you may have noticed I haven't been around for a couple of days, I've had a bit of a gluten attack. It must have sneaked into my food somehow over the last couple of weeks. A lot of people ask me what the symptoms are, for me the main ones are horrendous stomach cramps, exhaustion and this weird brain fog. It just means I have to be even more careful for a little while to get insides properly functioning again, I am eternally thankful that I can control this just by diet though. Healthy me is definitely worth all the label reading and ingredient scrutinising. Anyway enough of that...

There seems to be so much to do at the allotment right now, I didn't want to plant a lot in early April because it was still quite cold. Now it seems like everything needs to be planted and the weeds are making a run for it. So Ed and I have plenty to keep us busy. It is a lovely feeling to watch seeds grow into little plants. I am especially pleased with my sweetcorn because I was worried the seeds were a bit old because some of them had a bit of mould on, but they seem to be really healthy little plants. Our allotment neighbour warned us that the badgers like sweetcorn so we will have to put a fence up when it grows larger. 

It is amazing to see how much everything has grown in only a couple of weeks, you can see the previous allotment post here. I also bought a cucumber plant at the weekend for £1.40 which I thought was a bargain. Mum is starting us off some runner beans and we are also getting some tomato plants off our friend tomorrow which I am super excited about. It feels like it is coming together... slowly. 

Hope your week is off to a good start.
Much Love.


  1. So sorry you weren't feeling well, Kirsty!!! I love your garden. *flail* Lucky! Also, badgers? I want one!

  2. i hope you feel better! and i'm so jealous of your green thumb— i can't seem to keep anything alive. i'm working on it though because i hope to own a little garden some day!