Friday, September 21, 2012

Busy Week Picture Mash Up.

It had been a busy week this week, I have been making the last few plans for Ed's birthday (Happy Birthday lovely husband Ed) and getting back into the swing of things really. The days just seem to have raced by and I got to Friday and hadn't updated my blog for a good few days! I had planned posts but they just haven't wanted to be born so here is a mash up of some of the pics and frolics that Ed and I have been having this week.  

I booked a couple of nights away near the sea side as we haven't been that much this year, due to the rainy summer we have had. And thankfully today it stayed fine, so fingers crossed for tomorrow as we have a day trip to Whitby planned. I am so excited about going to Whitby as I have wanted to go there since I was a little goth! 

Hope you have lots of loveliness planned for the weekend <3

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