Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Our Lovely Allotment.

Ed and I both signed up for an allotment about 6 months ago when we moved into our apartment. We were informed that we would probably have to wait at least a year. So when I got a phone call at the weekend offering us a plot we were super excited! We went to look at this one yesterday to see if it was what we were looking for... it was!

It has 3 fruit trees (which at least 2 are cherries), 4 raised beds (as you can see) some more raised beds towards the back and quite a big planting bed to the right of where I took this photo. Also I spied in the tuft of grass to the left of this picture that there were quite a few raspberry bushes. This plot also has hard standing right at the end so we can put a shed on it to keep all our tools in. 

Hopefully by the weekend we will be ready to start to tidy it all up because I am going to try and grow some hardy broad beans and peas through the winter. Time is of the essence now Autumn is sneaking closer to the peripheries. I can not wait to explore our plot further. 

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