Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Getting Ready for Halloween... 7 Weeks to Go!

It is 7 weeks until Halloween! My all time favourite time of year. I have started making my Halloween cards already and this is what I have been playing around with so far. I am addicted to doing embroidery on paper and card, it is just so rewarding. 

This is my practise ghost before I do one with my glow in the dark thread, I can't wait to see how it looks when it is glowing away! 

It is so simple to do embroidery on card and paper, just sketch out your design on some tracing paper. Lay the tracing paper on to the card then punch holes through with a needle leaving smallish gaps so the card doesn't rip (you may need to experiment with how big the gaps need to be for different stitches). I find it useful to put a thick cushion on my lap so when I am making the holes with my needle I know I won't stab myself. Once you have all your holes in the card just stitch away and make something beautiful.

EEeeeekk I just can't wait for Halloween <3 

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