Friday, September 7, 2012

Sshhh... But These Trousers are a Size 14!

I bought these skinny jeans from Miss Selfridge about a month ago. They fit well, I love the colour, the only issue with them is that they are a size 14! Now don't get me wrong I think that us ladies look good all the different shapes and sizes we come in. My issue is with dodgy sizing, especially in high street shops.  

I have been a size 10 since I was around 16 years old, I do have to occasionally shimmy into a size 12 if the manufacturer of the clothes hasn't been generous enough with the cloth used around the bum area. So I would like to know when I go into Miss Selfridge why do I have to go up all of these sizes?

I held up the size 10 skinnies in the shop and looked Ed in the eye and loudly exclaimed "I would be lucky to fit these around one thigh". I think realistically I could have eased them a few inches above my knees. So I decided to scuttle off to the dressing room clutching my size 14s.

I was in good spirits that day so I laughed off the fact that I had seemingly grown larger since the last time I had been shopping. But if I had been having a 'Oh my I am huge day' (which I don't have too often thankfully) I would have tried on the size 10, come out of that dressing room with a size 14 self loathing and pledged to diet maybe forever!

I chatted to my lovely bunch of lady friends about these trousers and they all agreed with me that it was ridiculous and some of them said "I would just cut the label out". So this proved to me that this problem does not just affect me and that the size labels in clothing can really affect how us women feel. These trousers only go up to, I think, a size 18 so realistically any beautiful ladies over a size 14 could not even wear these, which I don't think it right at all. 

These trousers have taught me to be a lot more aware of when I am clothes shopping and not to let the labels in clothes dictate how much self loathing I am going to allow to scoop onto myself. Well that is my goal anyway, I am not saying I am totally over it yet. But they ARE just numbers! Has anyone else had problems with this I wonder?

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