Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Save a Little 2 for Me...

I am a regular peruser of The Nearsighted Owl blog and when I saw Rachele's 'Proud of my Size Link Up' blog post I was totally inspired by her body confidence, honesty and guts! 

I used to try and diet and try to exercise more and still I would look at myself and not see the person so many others would. A turning point came for me a couple of years ago when I became very ill and in the end discovered I was gluten intolerant. This was the health mallet that helped me to put the nail in the stupid, miserable diets' coffin. All of a sudden a lot of the food I ate was completely off the menu and it was a struggle to re-adjust my whole food world. I learnt how to feed my body and heal myself back to full health and I have never looked back, well maybe the odd peek over my shoulder.   

I now realise that I am so lucky and grateful to be healthy again and I LOVE being a size 10. I have stopped buying the typical lady magazines that are full of diets, self loathing and cellulite highlighting and now buy magazines about gardening and interior decorating. No body hatred slathered in those pages thank you very much.  

I think as I get older I become more comfortable in my skin and care less about how 'media sexy' I might look. I now enjoy going on a night out with my vitals covered and some Doc Matin boots on and I don't even care if people spy an odd fat roll here and there. I still get days where I shudder at the thought of trying on my old trousers and not being able to button them up, but it is easier to manage these wobbles and enjoy a nice piece of cheese on toast instead (gluten free toast of course). 

So come ladies get in front of that camera and show the world how lovely you all are whatever size you may be <3 

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