Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Audio Book Review - From A to Bee by James Dearsley

This is one of the latest books I have just finished on Audible. It was Audible's pick of week a little while ago and it caught my eye. A few years ago I went to Acton Scott historic working farm and they had a couple of guys there talking about bees and beekeeping. I was just amazed and intriged at by it all, but didn't really think anything more of it until I saw this book.

I gave this book 4 stars out or 5 because it is so entertaining as well as being a fountain of bee keeping information. I learnt so much from this book and it has really ignited my passion for keeping bees. The book is written in diary form and follows James on his unfolding adventure on keeping bees and getting one jar of honey before the year is out. It gets so exciting towards the end as it is not certain whether he will achieve his goal or not! I would recommend this book to everyone, even if you don't know that you are interested in bees! Because it is a lovely, entertaining, enlightening read that will not only keep you amused for hours but it will also gives you loads of random facts about bees to impress all your friends. I feel a bit sorry for Ed who has had to listen to it all over the past couple of weeks hehe. 

Have a good rest of the evening.     

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