Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Campervan Melamine Loveliness.

Ed and I are looking to buy a VW T25 campervan, hopefully before next summer! We are very excited about all the adventures that we can have in one. We have decided it will probably be called Doris, but I did see one with a moustache which I loved and would have definitely called that one Poirot. When Ed's birthday came around the other week I decided to buy him/us some cute melamine that can live in the camper when we get it.  

These first two sets are by Kath Kidston and I have to admit that they were in the kids section, so they are probably for clumsy toddlers. But I thought they would look adorable in a camper with a chintzy interior. 

I found this this random harlequin set of melamine in a gorgeous vintage shop in Whitby. I got 3 yellow plates, 1 orange plate and an orange cup for around £10. Then the kind lady gave us an extra mug and the two coasters for free, I think, because she thought Ed was cute and the fact that I had my Diana F+ camera with me and she really wanted one. 

So this is our lovely dining set ready to go campervanning with up in the summer! It makes me so excited to look at this set of melamine and imagine the fun these items will share with us next year. Just need to keep an eye out for cutlery and other quaint little bits and bobs now. 

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