Sunday, October 21, 2012

Greenhouse Day!

I won this greenhouse on eBay last week, I really wanted to get one before the spring arrives (I know it is a long way off yet) so I can be all ready for the growing season on the allotment. Thankfully the weather held up and it was a lovely, sunny, Autumn day.

I think Ed and I were a little intimidated when we walked up to it, I just thought 'where do we start?!' But Ed got his toolbox out of the car and away we went.

Ed was gurning away trying to unscrew the bolts at the same time as dodging all the spiders. There were so many! Really big fat ones. They gave me the creeps. My job was to pull out all the clips that held the panels in, which pinged everywhere when released from the frame.  

And ZAP, as if by magic one and a half hours later the greenhouse was demolished! The guy we bought it off also let us have the potting up tables which I was super happy about, that was the only shelf that wouldn't fit in the car.

Just in case you wondered what a greenhouse looked like packed into a Ford Focus, here is the picture evidence. Ed teased me all the way home that the spiders were going to come and get me in the car! Which I think was a bit mean as I was scarred for life when I was little and there was a massive wolf spider climbing up my seat belt in the car... Eeeek. I will have to find some way of getting him back hehe. 

We didn't have time put the greenhouse up at the allotment, I think it will take most of a day. It needs a really good scrubbing too before we put it up. Ed was also very restrained, as he didn't get his DIY bossy head on! It was a test for our marriage but one we definitely passed. Can't wait to put it up at the allotment and for spring to come so I can start growing seeds!

Hope you all had a great weekend. 

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