Sunday, December 2, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...

I woke up late today, because we had a VERY hectic busy day in London yesterday, and one of the first things Ed had to say to me was "When can we go and get a Christmas tree?".  Ed loves having a Christmas tree soooo much, we didn't bother last year as we were in the process of buying our flat and we weren't sure when our moving date was going to be. So this year Ed wanted to have a Christmas tree early in December to make up for it.  

This was the tree that Ed fell in love with, it is a Fraser Fir so we named it Frasier. It is a lovely, little compact tree grown in a pot which means that we can put it on the allotment after the festive season is over and hopefully Frasier will be with us for next Christmas as well.  

We managed to get it into the car without making too much of a mess by removing the parcel shelf.

Ed managed to find some of our decorations from two years ago. We thought we had more! We only had one tiny strip of lights and a few baubles. 

Here he is in pride of place in the window, ready to be decorated properly so all the other Christmas trees don't laugh at him! 

Hope you have had a great (slightly festive) weekend <3

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