Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Frasier is Decorated!

Ed just kept pestering yesterday until I gave in and said that we would go and get some Christmas lights and some decorations for the tree (a.k.a Frasier). We wanted to acquire decorations that would last many years and would be little capsules for lovely memories of our first Christmas at our first home. And this is what we ended up with...

We bought this cute little toadstool from a gorgeous little boutique in Hay on Wye, I think Ed secretly fancied the owner of the shop as she had a rather lovely Welsh accent, but he also couldn't understand a word she was saying. Which made me giggle, poor Ed. The angel is made by the very talented hands of my dear mother, I love the fact that she has a slight 30s look about her.  

These baubles were a bit of a last minute make, Ed found them in the cellar. I bought them early on in the year in the sales and loved the idea that they were plain, clear baubles waiting to be made exciting. I scoured the house trying to find some pretty things to put in them and I found some sugared violet petals and salt that had edible petals and herbs in. My mum and dad bought me these last year when we went on a little outing. The jars were so pretty I didn't have the heart to use the contents so I am really happy that they have made some special little decorations.

Ed was delighted when I found some robot decorations and I decided to have some glitter skulls to add a bit of sparkle, as I don't truly appreciate tinsel if I am honest. We love our tree so much, its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Hope you are getting all set for the big day and keeping nice and snug <3 

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