Sunday, July 29, 2012

Scrappies Adventure.

So yesterday we went to Scrappies to get some ribbon to finish off my bouquet and the button holes. We needed a lot of white ribbon and managed to get 20m for £3! Which was an absolute bargain. 

Scrappies is a recycling centre crossed with a craft store. It is full of lots of crazy items that may have just ended up in landfill somewhere, but it is lovely to see that they are being given a new lease of life here for all us wonderfully clever crafters. 

Ed and I loved these erasers, we thought they were exactly the things needed to raise well rounded children. 

They have so much wallpaper, I found that you can made fab gift bags out of it.

Ahh the creepy, scappy spider.

I am such a sucker for old vinyl records like this *swoon*.

Tubs full of wool and corks... what more could a girl need huh.

There is so much stuff here!

This zappy, scrappy robot.

So I better get going because I still need to write my vows and I'm getting married on Tuesday... Eeek. I am starting to be known as the most disorganised bride ever.

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