Monday, July 30, 2012

Pre-Wedding Day to do List!

So today is the day before my wedding! Eeek. So this is my picture to do list that I have had to get sorted before the big day.

7:30am - Get up to dye my roots back to Ariel red. This takes a good few hours as I have to pre-lighten my hair first.

10:30am - Make sure all the paper work is sorted for tomorrow and sort out all the music that we need for the ceremony.

11:00am - Check the rings are somewhere safe!

11:05am - Watch a cheeky episode of Buffy, as Ed has gone to get his hair cut.

11:30am - Finish my vows whilst watching Buffy.

2:30pm - Get back from shopping and give my bouquet a once over.

4:00pm - Make a little fascinator for tomorrow.

6:00pm - Have gluten free fish and chips *YUM*.

8:30pm - Finish last minute food shopping for our little wedding lunch tomorrow, then chill out with my gorgeous husband to be and my lovely parents.

Tomorrow is the big day!! Can't wait <3

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