Sunday, May 18, 2014

Adventures at Powys Castle.

As Ed and I are visiting my folks for the weekend. The sunshine was too good too miss yesterday and so we decided we were well overdue an adventure. All of us trekked out over the Welsh border to Powys Castle, I have wanted to go here for a while so I was super excited to be flexing my National Trust membership for the first time this year. We decided to peruse around the gardens and leave looking around the castle for another time. The gardens are absolutely amazing, there are the wild, unkempt parts flanked with luscious meadows heaving with buttercups which then leads onto the manicured, baroque gardens and terraces. 

As we were heading towards the car park I couldn't resist looking at the plants for sale, and to my surprise there was a peacock in amongst the herbs. He seemed to be rather enjoying all the attention in front of the camera. It is amazing how large and stunning these birds are, and a little scary when they start yelping away. 

I had such an awesome day out in the sunshine, I hope you have had a wonderful summery weekend <3

Much Love
Kirst x 

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