Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Adventures in Birmingham & The Central Library.

I fancied a little adventure yesterday so Ed and I decided to go to Birmingham, as it is only about an hour away. It was such a lovely afternoon! We got there, had a spot of lunch at Wagamama and then had a peruse around the Bull Ring. We then had a wonder through the Christmas market, as the light was fading all the lights sparkled away and the festive spirit crackled through the crowds.

Once we had exhausted the Christmas market I had an idea to go and see the new Central Library. I fired up Googlemaps and traced our way through the crowds to find it. I was quite intrigued to see what this place was going to be like after its well publicised price tag of £189 million. My initial reaction, when I saw this in the media, was that it was a complete indulgence in this day and age of spending cuts and frugality. With many libraries closing never to be opened again, wouldn't it be better to have sprinkled this money around and kept the little ones open?  

On walking inside this building it became very difficult for me to keep my reservations. This building is awe inspiring, the space is light, airy and immense. Exploring the Central Library is like endeavouring through a book depository that has been swirled around Syd Mead's psyche. It is nothing short of breathtaking. When I had escalated to the top I saw this bullet shaped glass lift that transported me to the roof top garden. The view in the wintery darkness of the sprawling, illuminated Birmingham is humbling, quietning and beautiful. Whilst leaving your legs a little jelly like because it is so high up! 

I really think that this building was worth the cost, to have such an inspired public space that is free and full of books is a wonderful legacy. In such a place you can become anything and anyone. It doesn't matter how much money you have or what class you grew up in, when you are inside these walls the world is at your feet. 

Hope you are having a wonderful Christmasy weekend <3
Much Love.
Kirst xXx 

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